You Might Be Awkward If You Have To Google Relatable Talking Points For Casual Conversation

8 conversation starters I found on the internet and still managed to make awkward.

Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash

How long have you worked at your job?

I once read a study saying that you shouldn’t ask people about their work because sometimes people feel embarrassed or ashamed of their work. So actually, this is a taboo topic. Despite knowing this, I still always ask what someone does for a living.

So what do you think of our current political situation?

Okay, this was a bizarre suggestion to come across when looking for CASUAL conversation starters. Who the hell is bringing up politics in casual conversation? Anyway, I guess it would make for a great battle to the death starter.

So…How bout them sports?

I can’t even remember how the experts told me to phrase this question because I have no ability to retain sports-talk in my brain whatsoever.

What are the exact coordinates to your home, where you sleep at night?

The author of one of these blog posts made clear that I should absolutely not ask my small talk recipient where they live because that’s weird to ask someone who you’ve only known for a few short minutes.

Ask about their upcoming plans…And then make it clear you will be attending these plans without an invitation to them.

The experts say you should leave this question to the first part. Leaving an open-ended option for your new pal to invite you to any plans they may have. However, I believe that inviting yourself into their life will only further prove that you are a worthwhile individual to spend time with.

What kind of sense of humour do you have?

You guys, this was literally a question that these “conversation experts” suggest you ask someone. Can you imagine some robot coming up to you and stiffly shaking your hand while mechanically saying, “Please? Tell Me Your Specific Taste in Humor. Now.”

Do you think Jeniffer Aniston is hot?

The actual suggested question to this was, “Who are some of your favourite actors?” But that seemed boring to me. The “Is Jennifer Anniston Hot” question works so much better on so many more levels!

Have you seen the video of the lawyer who gets a cat-face filter stuck on his screen?

Again, I’ve taken it upon myself to change this conversation starter slightly. Instead of asking a boringly generic question like “Have you watched any good YouTube videos lately?” I would suggest pulling out your phone to all of the random strangers you come across throughout the day and, while hysterically laughing, show them the lawyer cat-filter video.

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