Never Be A Fish Out of Water Again with the Art of Adaptation

How changing my way of thinking gave me the courage to take the next step.

Photo by Harris Vo on Unsplash

At the time, we were 60 thousand dollars in — there was no turning back.

The financial stakes were too high. Sometimes we cannot allow our anxieties to get the better of us because that would mean total and utter devastation.

However, I’ve found that the only way to get through this kind of stress is to get the hell on with it.

These past few months have been challenging. Hence the stress-baking. My husband and I have been going through a tough time in our marriage with the added challenge of having the kids home on and off doing their online schooling whenever their classes get quarantined due to a COVID close contact case.

These words hit me with the same heaviness I feel when my 80-pound German Shepherd jumps up on the couch and sits directly on my chest.

I was unable to speak. I had never thought of it that way. To me, getting on with the tough stuff was always the only option in life. It was that, or curl into the fetal position and rock on the floor in front of whatever company was unfortunate enough to witness such a spectacle. To be clear, I’ve also done this last thing too, but I try to refrain when in strange company.

Mother, writer, user of too many hashtags.

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