It is shocking to see that something like this was allowed to be published to the publication. It sickens me to know that some people can still hold on to so much backwards thinking and prejudice.

But the thing is, I need you to stop spamming me with this. I’m on vacation right now, don’t have access to a computer and couldn’t do anything about it anyway as I’m not an editor for this publication.

I don’t understand why you are tagging all of us in the first place? Like I said, yeah, sure maybe if I was at home, I could write something up to support you and this cause, but I’m not and do not have access to publish anything right now.

I support what you’re doing and understand why, but tagging me is only pissing me off, man. It’s not helping your cause, and you’re associating my name with this awful situation, which isn’t ideal as I have nothing to do with it.

Mother, writer, user of too many hashtags.

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