I Turned Down Work at the Peak of the Coronavirus, Here’s Why

Knowing your worth as an artist is as valuable as work

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So I started at the bottom. Ghostwriting.

Let me clarify; I don’t think ghostwriting is the bottom of the barrel because some writers make bank writing books for others, and I commend that. However, what is the bottom of the barrel are ghostwriting companies who hire writers and pay them minuscule dollars for the work they do while making a pretty profit themselves.

  • Deadlines that would take up a considerable chunk of my writing time.
  • An experience that wouldn’t strengthen my resume.

Well, I got the job. And then I promptly turned it down.

Even though I didn’t have a lot of experience on my resume, I still valued my work enough not to go down a road like this. Ghostwriting companies such as these are not mutually beneficial. They take advantage of newbie writers, paying them well below industry standard and not helping them advance in their writing career.

As writers, we must know our worth and our limits.

If you’re the type of writer who can bust out thousands of words per day, maybe ghostwriting would be a good fit. I, however, am not. I realized that spending the time I had, producing my own work would be more profitable to me than working on someone else’s for a small payout.

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