I Made $5363.17 My First Year on Medium — Happy Anniversary To Me!

I’m interviewing my own damn self for my one-year Medium anniversary because no one else wants to

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The month of April marks my first anniversary with writing for Medium. There’s been ups, downs and a lot of crippling rejection.

How many times have publications rejected me?

I probably get rejected by publications once out of every four submissions. Let me tell you, A LOT of editors do not find me or my writing style charming.

Does the rejection get easier after time?


Have I ever been too afraid to publish a story?

I currently have a very personal story about mine and my dad’s relationship sitting in my drafts that I don’t think I will ever publish. I had nearly pulled the trigger about eight months ago but snatched it from the publication before they published.

How many articles did I create?

198 stories.

What was my first article, and did it do well?

We Forgot About The Kids, and no, it did not do well. It’s a personal narrative about the first few months of quarantine, and although I still love the piece to this day, nobody else seems to particularly enjoy it: bummer, man.

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What article has earned the most money?

I Shed 15 Pounds In Four Weeks By Making Simple Changes In My Life published on ILLUMINATION-Curated.

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What is the story I’m most proud of?

This is a tricky question I’m asking myself; even when self-interviewing, one must be brave enough to ask oneself the hard questions.

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What story produced the best comments and responses?

Hands down, In Regards To My Recent Go Fund Me Campaign To Build A Sex Room In My Garage.

Paint App: Assisting in the identity protection of the humourless since forever ago.
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What was my biggest win on Medium?

My biggest win on Medium was when one of the editors of Slackjaw reached out to me to ask if I’d like to write a follow-up piece for my sex room article. This was six months after the first one had been published and entirely out of the blue. I was so excited that I got right on the task and came up with, An Open Letter To My Neighbors About The Sex Room In MY Garage.

What have I learned?

The biggest thing I’ve learned from writing on Medium for a year is that it is possible to make a few bucks with my writing. I’ve been writing humour online for ten years, and only in this past year have I earned money from my hobby.

Mother, writer, user of too many hashtags.

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