I Made $5363.17 My First Year on Medium — Happy Anniversary To Me!

I’m interviewing my own damn self for my one-year Medium anniversary because no one else wants to

Photo by Ambreen Hasan on Unsplash

The month of April marks my first anniversary with writing for Medium. There’s been ups, downs and a lot of crippling rejection.

How many times have publications rejected me?

Does the rejection get easier after time?

Have I ever been too afraid to publish a story?

How many articles did I create?

What was my first article, and did it do well?

Author’s Screenshot

What article has earned the most money?

Author’s Screenshot

What is the story I’m most proud of?

Author’s Screenshot

What story produced the best comments and responses?

Paint App: Assisting in the identity protection of the humourless since forever ago.
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What was my biggest win on Medium?

What have I learned?

Mother, writer, user of too many hashtags.

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