How To Support the Writer in Your Life

It’s really not that difficult, people.

Photo by Park Troopers on Unsplash

1. Do not show your annoyance when your writer asks you to share her article on your Facebook wall.

As your writer’s support system, she feels safe sharing her work on your social media channels. The only reason she’s asking is that she’s already posted three articles today on her socials and does not want to overwhelm her followers.

2. Understand that you will be written into many of her stories.

How could you expect any different? Being such an enormous part of your writer’s life comes with drawbacks. Mainly the fact that she will write about every detail of your lives together.

3. When someone ruthlessly trolls your writer’s article online, jump to her defence.

Yes, you may have to set up an account to refute the troll’s rude commentary, which is, ultimately, a total waste of time because you’ll never use that account again. However, your writer expects you to do this for her, so as our friends at Nike would once say, Just Do It.

4. Your writer might nonchalantly tell you she’s started writing for an online company that pays her for reading times. (Don’t worry; this specific online company shall remain nameless.)

Your writer will excitedly share that she gets paid per read for each article she publishes.

5. Do not become discouraged when you try to call your writer for a phone chat and she does not answer.

Sure, you may see that she is currently on Facebook or that she’s read and not replied to your hundreds of text messages over the past couple of weeks but rest assured your writer is not ignoring you.

6. Smile and nod at the obscure literary references your writer makes on a daily basis.

Do not, under any circumstance, ask who Augusten Burroughs is when she brings up his thought-provoking and darkly hilarious memoir Lust & Wonder because she will proceed to run you through a chapter by chapter retelling of the tale.

7. Laugh at your writer’s jokes when reading over her drafts.

Laugh dammit!

8. And finally, ensure your writer is getting lots of sleep and good food to eat.

Offering snacks of Ritz crackers and marble cheese while she’s toiling away in her home office will forever keep you in your writer’s good books.

Mother, writer, user of too many hashtags.

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