How To Support the Writer in Your Life

It’s really not that difficult, people.

Photo by Park Troopers on Unsplash

1. Do not show your annoyance when your writer asks you to share her article on your Facebook wall.

2. Understand that you will be written into many of her stories.

3. When someone ruthlessly trolls your writer’s article online, jump to her defence.

4. Your writer might nonchalantly tell you she’s started writing for an online company that pays her for reading times. (Don’t worry; this specific online company shall remain nameless.)

5. Do not become discouraged when you try to call your writer for a phone chat and she does not answer.

6. Smile and nod at the obscure literary references your writer makes on a daily basis.

7. Laugh at your writer’s jokes when reading over her drafts.

8. And finally, ensure your writer is getting lots of sleep and good food to eat.

Mother, writer, user of too many hashtags.

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