Hashtag Blessed: How To Climb The Social (Media) Ladder

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As many of you know, yesterday I hit a milestone. It was challenging, and there was plenty of hardship along the way. But I overcame it all and conquered. You can read more about my personal social media journey in my free for a limited time course: Lindsay B’s Climb To The Top: A Guide To Social Awesomeness.

How many times have you shared something on one of your many social media platforms, and it completely flops? You keep going back to see if you’ve received any more engagement only to find a desert of solitude. No likes, no comments, nothing to validate you as a human being, in any way.

Argh, so frustrating!

1) #MakeMoreFriends
The trick to social media, much like life, is, the more friends you have, the better.

Has your dog forced you to talk to another human being because he has run up to them at the off-leash dog park and started aggressively sniffing their crotch? Get that person’s name and connect on Facebook.

Your oil change person seems like an alright sort of guy? Ask for their Twitter handle!

Remember vaguely meeting your friend’s second cousin at a wedding once, and now you see their profile pic on your People You May Know suggestions list? Add them immediately.

The more people you connect with, the more people there are to like and admire your antics on social media. That’s just math. I delve further into this concept in my free for a limited time course, Lindsay B’s Climb To The Top: A Guide to Social Awesomeness.

2) #ShockAndAweThem
Next, you always want to provide a shock factor in your postings. It is important to woo your friends with your personality. Don’t have a personality? That’s okay! Make one up (more on this in point three).

One fundamental note: please, for the love of God, refrain from only sharing photos of your family. Nobody wants to see it. These people may be interesting to you, but seriously, we all have our own families we have to look at. We don’t want to be burdened with having to pretend to enjoy looking at yours too.

Have some hilarious memes?

A touchy topic that might get a conversation going?

These are the things you must share on a daily, no hourly, basis to your page. Again, my free for a limited time course: Lindsay B’s Climb To The Top: A Guide To Social Awesomeness will help in choosing which posts are worthwhile on each social media platform.

Pro Tip:
It is advisable to share pictures of food ONLY to Instagram. On no other platform are food pics acceptable.

3) #BeTheCatfishYouAlwaysKnewYouCouldBe
Finally, the most fundamental way to grow your social media following is to be likable. If you aren’t eye-catching, you’re shit.

I know what you’re thinking, but Lindsay B, I’m not likable in real life at all. That’s why I’ve turned to the internet for all of my social interactions. Fear not, unpleasant troll; I too was once in your position. I was an introverted bookworm who didn’t know a hashtag from a pound sign. Oh, the naivete. But now look at me! I simply changed my entire personality and boom, stardom. I honestly don’t know why more people don’t do this.

So to recap:
~Get as many followers as possible.

~Share things that add value to people’s lives, like funny memes and weird political stances.

~If you aren’t a likable person, change who you are entirely.

With these tips and tricks, you can climb to the top just like me. Before you know it, you’ll be breaching the 400 friends mark on Facebook and getting roughly 10 likes on each post you share!

Make sure to check out my course (free for a limited time): Lindsay B’s Climb To The Top: A Guide To Social Awesomeness to fast-track yourself to social media fame and fortune just like me, Lindsay B.

Mother, writer, user of too many hastags.

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