buckshot butterflies

performance poetry

heartstrings tug in pools of evanescence
fleeting reverence
over iridescent adolescence

back when buckshot butterflies
rode rib cages
love was ageless

contagious if you were turning the right
what advantageous places

wayward wings of orange and teal
tickled pink
creating words that made us think: soulmates

young love grew on us quickly
sickly, really
grizzly and slippery

pink passion swept us skyward
higher and higher

back when buckshot butterflies
brushed hued highlights

life came at us, grappled us
addled and baffled us
shackled us

buckshot butterflies abandoned us
handing us shakedowns and trial
fighting for survival

a grey haze ate us up
corrupt and all-encompassing

revival is relative to reclamation
an impregnation of application
planting pupa for later exploration

because what is love
without buckshot butterflies

Originally published at https://vocal.media.

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