Alternative Ways to Tell Someone You Love Them

or, a love letter to that dude I make babies with.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Here are some alternative ways to say I love you if those around you are becoming exasperated with your constant love confessions:

  1. The pasta salad you make, with the crab and avocado and that dressing that I can never replicate no matter how hard I try, really makes my heart happy. Please never stop making that pasta salad for me.
  2. The other day when you fixed that cupboard I had ripped off the wall as I tried to grab for a handhold while slipping in a puddle of water that the kids spilled and never cleaned up, looks really good. You are a master craftsman.
  3. Sometimes, when I’m feeling sad about the world, I think of that mole on the top of your head. It calms me to know that the mole on the top of your head will always be there when I’m looking for stability in my life.
  4. Thank you for loving the dog. I know that you didn’t want the dog when I first brought her home without informing you that I was bringing home a dog. I appreciate how you’ve allowed her into your heart. Now you treat her like she’s one of the kids, and it’s funny because you used to make fun of people who did that. I love that you love our dog.
  5. I am never happier than when I find that you have left me a love note. Like that one time, I was working really hard on finishing the final edits of my book, and I was hiding away in my office for days on end. Then I found that you had drawn me a picture of a personified penis — enormous, long-haired and veiny, giving me a comical thumbs up — with a caption that read “Good work, Bae, go balls deep in writing!” Never. Been. Happier.
  6. I like your butt. It is 100% my favourite butt in the world.
  7. You are very funny, and I think that if you ever leave your job, you should seriously consider a career as a stand-up comedian.
  8. You are kind to me. Like when I can’t point out Turkey on a map or don’t know the basic history of some empire you’re talking about, you never tease me because you know that I am sensitive about that sort of thing.
  9. Although I love a good make-out sesh, your sweet kisses on the forehead still give me butterflies.
  10. You are the best parent. Probably even better than me, and I’m an excellent parent. But you are better at relating to them. You are fun and yet never burden me with the responsibility of having to be the “bad guy,” which is just really nice.

Mother, writer, user of too many hashtags.

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