A Simple Reminder When Life is Overwhelming

A story about how I remembered to breathe

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How can I improve when I feel like I am forever failing?

I’ve let too many people down, and I do not add up to my definition of self-worth. But then I remember that I am the adult. I am the one in charge. I am the help.

I teach my kids that emotions are our friends.

That we should always listen to our feelings because they are trying to tell us something about our inside self. I teach my babes that if they need to cry, they should, and then they should try to reason why the sadness came in the first place. I tell them to do the same with anger, excitement and all the other emotions that we feel daily. Our feelings should never be ignored.

It crashed down on me, the knowledge that I am not alone.

Come to think of it; I am the least alone person I know. My close friends are only a phone call away, and I have a supportive mom. I have a husband who is my best friend. I also have me. And I am a pretty good listener if you give me a chance.

There will always be days when life is too much.

When the everyday anxieties boil through the thin membrane of composure that usually holds us together, and there will be crying. The crying is inevitable. It is human, after all.

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Mother, writer, user of too many hastags.

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