Reflections on loss: past, present, and future.

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Writing through the stress…usually in a unicorn onesie.

That time I lost my kid in my own house.

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I finally met my pal Arpad after months of online friendship, and it was as awkward as one might have imagined. Awkward but awesome.

Can we just all appreciate my weird ass pose here for a second? Author’s photo.

Or: The worst acceptance speech that never needed writing

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That joke was too obvious. I see that now.

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An open letter to myself.

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The smell of boiling vinegar is burning my brain. I’m not even in the vicinity of the vinegar anymore, and yet it lingers in my nostrils like torched rubber.

Ugh. Children can be so dramatic sometimes.

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Or: Gifts The Universe Gives to Writers

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Memoirs of a laundry wench

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Lindsay Rae Brown

Mother, writer, user of too many hashtags.

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